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    A piece of romantic Italy

    A small, ancient town clinging to the top of a hill, Neviglie is an example of the Italian landscapes that great writers like Lord Byron and Goethe enthused over. On walking through narrow cobbled streets sided by traditional houses of red bricks, the traveller discovers small medieval stone churches and breath-taking glimpses upon the hills of the Langhe. Macrino’s altarpiece, a masterpiece of Italian renaissance, adorns San Giorgio’s church, the seat of the local parish.

    The countryside around Neviglie is famous for its wines, its vineyards that extend as far as the eye can see, and its nut woods, another specialities of these lands. Barbaresco, Barolo and Nebbiolo are the names of the wines that is usually possible to taste in the cantinas of the town.

    Neviglie’s surroundings surprise trekkers with its many interesting spots to visit: besides the beautiful hilly landscapes declared human heritage by Unesco, we quote some gracious rural chapels of renaissance (just to name one, San Silvestro’s chapel).

    Near Neviglie, there are some of the most evocative places of the Langhe: Alba, an ancient and noble art town that has always been the hub of these lands; Barbaresco, famous for its wines, Neive, a medieval village with characteristic houses with tiles, and Mango, well-known for its Moscato (a sweet white wine) and its castle.

    Wine and history

    What to see in the Langhe

    Western Langhe have always been a land of feuds and delicious wines. The hilly landscape displays medieval burgs, castles and aristocrat mansions, vineyards and nut woods, idyllic streams and small churches lost in the beautiful Italian countryside. Among the towns around Neviglie that deserve a visit, we find Barbaresco, well-known in Italy for the homonymous wine, one of the best of Piedmont. The town is famous not only for its restaurants where it is possible to eat great food and drink delicious wines, but also for its medieval structure that still preserves an ancient watch town with a stunning view on the underlying valley of river Tànaro.

    Rich of art, ancient buildings and traditions, Alba entertains its visitors with a lively mundane life full of events, exhibitions, fairs and concerts. The many boutiques that flanks its narrow streets are great for shopping. The main square is full of nice bars where to sit down and relax while drinking a real Italian espresso or enjoying some of the best Italian ice-creams and pastries. There, you can experience a bit of the “Dolce vita” that has made Italy famous.

    Last but not least, Grinzane Cavour is known for its castle that hosts the regional wine repository of Piedmont and the Yearly Auction of White Truffles.

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